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Shannon Butler is a 3rd-generation jitterbug. Her mother, and first instructor, taught her dances of the 50s-60s, passing on the tradition her shag-dancing grandparents started. Shannon credits this experience for shaping her welcoming, inclusive approach to dance. By 1997 she was competing in, teaching, and performing vernacular dances. Shannon has studied with original-era mentors, partnered with dance historian Lance Benishek, and shared a stage with dance legends including Norma Miller and The Nicholas Brothers.


Bill Butler learned to swing dance in 1998. Since marrying in 2002, they've become dance partners have taught nationally and overseas, and are recognized for their vintage styling, straight-forward approach, and knowledge of 1930s and uncommon social dances. They’ve danced shag in a national TV commercial, performed with dance legend Norma Miller, and host Swing Dance Wednesday Night Twin Cities - The Twin Cities longest running weekly swing dance featuring live music.


The Butlers are grateful to the dance community for friendship, joy, inspiration, and for Shannon, hope - having recently returned to teaching after battling cancer. They strive to give back to the community though their teaching and work with nonprofit organizations.


Shannon and Bill believe dance is for everyone, with the power to motivate, restore, and bring people together.

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